LOOMing Games: Synesis rolled out a movie about backstage of the 2nd European Games

The first part of LOOMing Games, a film about the II European Games through the eyes of those who created them, is published at Synesis YouTube channel. Every day of the event, our team worked at sports venues to show what the Games are, whether there is a place for chaos and how many thousands of processes there is every day of an event of this magnitude. Want to look at the usual things from the other, unknown side? Then this video is for you. English subtitlies is availiable.

The Minsk-based IT company Synesis Sport signed the contract with the Minsk European Games Organising Committee (MEGOC) in May 2018. Skipping years worth of preparations that an event of such a scale usually requires, the company’s developers managed to create various service systems for spectators, athletes, organisers, volunteers and media – all in slightly over a year.

Acknowledging the shortage of local expertise a year ahead of the 2nd European Games, Synesis Sport recruited a large number of foreign consultants to help guide the team on the ground in preparation for the multi-sport celebration.

“We had the opportunity to compare ourselves with other systems, to conduct a kind of audit,” said Nailya Timerkhanova, head of the experts team at Synesis Sport. “We considered the best practises as well as introduced our own innovations, because the idea of holding multi-sport events is growing as are the systems for managing these games. These innovations from our side will surely leave a trace and will be a huge plus for future events to be held in Belarus.”