GDPR Implementation and Security Assessment: New Corporate Services by Synesis

Synesis Stratus, a part of Synesis Group, announced its new services in the field of cybersecurity and data protection. Our global experience alongside with deep practical expertise allows us to provide GDPR implementation and Security Assessment (penetration testing) for a wide range of clients, starting with startups and ending with corporate or government sector.

GDPR implementation

Synesis Stratus offers the implementation of the full range of measures for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance. The customers will get the package of all necessary documentation, built-up business processes of the personal data management system, as well as a ready-to-use information security system that meets industry standards.
The services may include training of the customer’s employees to work with personal data in accordance with GDPR provisions as well as consultations while conducting internal administrative procedures (Data Protection Impact Assessment).
Implementation of GDPR requirements includes the following:
– Audit performance;
– Implementation of GDPR processes into information security system documentation and information security policies;
– Training of Customer’s employees in personal data processing under GDPR.

Security Assessment (penetration testing)

Synesis Stratus also offers services that include security assessment (penetration testing) of web-applications, mobile applications and internal corporate perimeter. The security assessment is carried out in accordance with international standards and methodologies while using automated means and manual vulnerability discovery that is performed by offensive security professionals.
Synesis Stratus team includes certified offensive security experts – OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional).
Security Assessment includes following:
– Carrying out complex testing of web-applications, mobile applications and internal corporate perimeter for the vulnerabilities that could create information security incidents (penetration, breach, denial of service, etc.);
– Development of recommendations for addressing identified vulnerabilities.

About Synesis Stratus
Synesis Stratus, LLC is the technical service provider of the Synesis Group and the resident of Belarus Hi-Tech Park. Company major activities include services of private cloud platform based on container orchestration (Kubernetes, Docker) and distributed object store Ceph for information systems with high requirements for fault tolerance; data protection and cybersecurity services; complex IT-services for major local and global events.