The first IT mural in Belarus appeared on the facade of Synesis R&D campus

Synesis R&D campus has changed its appearance: an unusual mural appeared on the walls of the company’s main building. The painting area covers 600 square meters, or five floors of the building. The author of the project is a famous illustration, artist and Synesis employee Anna Redko. Local team Zadelo was engaged in painting the walls.

According to Anna, everyone who looks at the mural does not need to know about the idea behind it: the picture was created to delight office employees and guests and emphasize the company’s uniqueness. Speaking globally – this is part of the general concept of a technologically advanced art space as the art is greatly appreciated at Synesis. So, on one of the campus facades there is Mitya’s Pislyak graffiti, while inside the office you can find 195 original lithographs of Salvador Dali. Moreover, the ceiling in Animal Farm corporate restaurant is hand-painted with quotes from Orwell’s work and is accompanied by unique thematic illustrations.
It took 2 weeks for Anna Redko to create the concept and sketch of the mural. Exactly the same amount of time of round-the-clock operation took the transfer of the drawing to the facade.