Soon at the streets: a precision AI solution will show actual capacity of nearby parkings

Synesis introduced a high precision AI solution which enables regular CCTV cameras to count the number of available and occupied parking spots in the visible area in real time. Unlike existing analogues, the Smart Parking module based on the bound of deeply trained neural networks and computer vision, what allows to solve three major problems simultaneously: a real-time monitoring&notification, compatibility with parking lots of any scale and configuration, and minimization of control resources. Synesis Smart Parking has a great potential for further use and implementation both by parking space operators (city administrations, shopping and entertainment centers, hotels, parking lots, etc.) and drivers.
The solution works as follows: using a special software module, parking space operator allocate parking zones and their maximal capacity. Using computer vision, the module analyzes the location and number of cars in the frame with a specified time span – for example, 5 or 600 seconds. The analysis performing by Synesis’ layers of deeply trained neural network and own dataset with multiple vehicle masks, what excludes scenario in which any other objects – people, tree crowns, etc. – can be falsely indicated as a car. Сomputer vision can accurately count parking spaces even when parking striping layout is covered with snow or when it absent at all.

The accuracy rate of technology is significantly higher than that of similar solutions and reaching out to 95%. After testing the technology in real conditions at the streets of Minsk, Belarus, the developer`s team plans to continue the neural network training for further accuracy rate improvement.

However the solution was developed as part of Synesis’ Kipod Smart City platform, the software company does not exclude that in future the module can be integrated into third-party services for transmitting information to online maps, mobile applications, chatbots, etc.
As a part of Kipod cloud platform, the module can be used both to improve the level of urban environmental comfort and safety. It allows parking operators and drivers to set special rules for recognizing and notifying on such events as a car’s unplanned departure from a parking spot, trespassing, suspicious crowdings and even emergencies (smoke/fire, shooting sound, broken glass sound, etc.). Such Kipod module is widely used in the United Kingdom for autonomous management of filling station networks.

Kipod’s “traffic” module had also been trained to indicate such parameters as vehicle’s type, color, speed, parking legitimacy. It allows to determinate parking and traffic violations, as well as to investigate traffic accidents as quickly as possible. It also simplifies the search of vehicles with missing or not readable license plates.

About Synesis
Synesis is a private research and development group of companies headquartered in Minsk, Belarus. Founded in 2007 as a software design house, Synesis helped Viber, Playtika, Yandex, Alfresco, and other well-known companies to develop successful products. Today, more than a billion people worldwide are using these products daily.
By 2018 Synesis has evolved into a service provider operating large projects for governments and global consumers. With a team of 1000+ world-class engineers, extensive product portfolio, and strong patent position, Synesis is one of the leading companies in Artificial Intelligence.