We parse a new fake: the Ministry of Internal Affairs is holding a tender for the purchase and connection of new cameras to RSMOB

We repeatedly wrote: there is a targeted disinformation campaign against Synesis. Weapons are specific online resources. Their task is to systematically generate fake news and falsify facts, which makes it easy to manipulate public opinion. We continue to share prominent examples. 
Yesterday one of the Telegram-channels mentioned Synesis in the context of the tender of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the purchase of video surveillance systems. The authors are persistently trying to equate any video camera with the cloud-based video analytics platform from Synesis. This is absurd and a substitution of concepts. But it was more than that. The author’s fake news must know:
  1. Synesis and its subsidiaries are not engaged in the production, supply, installation, maintenance of video surveillance systems.
  2. Cameras connected to RSMOB are owned and purchased by SUBSCRIBERS (business entities); The Ministry of Internal Affairs is not a subscriber of RSMOB, but is a legally defined USER of the system (along with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Operations and Analysis Center, etc.).
The absurdity of the material is already obvious for a thoughtful audience. For the impressionable part of the audience the source refers to a long-standing interview with a former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who allegedly confessed to working personally with the RSMOB to identify the protesters. But the source didn’t specify that the former employee never responded to a public offer from Synesis to reveal how exactly RSMOB is being used to mass identify protesters. Is it in the interests of citizens and the reputation of the applicant?
By the way, about his reputation: doubts about the words of the employee arose not just us. In his interview he described how the Ministry of Internal Affairs determines the organizers of courtyard chats by the size of the files sent. Many network security experts immediately questioned this. These doubts were published on the resource we are discussing. Are the words of a “former employee” authoritative again? Unlikely. It’s banal manipulation of public opinion.
We also remind: in Belarus only about 700 cameras are connected to the RSMOB. This is comparable to the scale of just one enterprise in the EU or the Russian Federation. If you trust all the fake news: hundreds of thousands or millions of cameras are already connected to RSMOB. However, there is nothing surprising: we remember the fake that claimed that all the courtyard cameras in Minsk were connected to the RSMOB. This fake, like many others, didn’t find its confirmation, but left in the heads of impressionable readers. Is it surprising, but the resource in question was the primary source of many of the fakes.
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