A new fake in Telegram channels: why is the Kipod platform associated with sacking of employees?

After a long break, fakes around the Synesis Smart City platform, which have nothing to do with reality, began to spread in Telegram channels yet again. A statement appeared about the mass sacking of workers at the Grodno Azot which was allegedly based on the data analysis from the Kipod platform. But this is an epic screw up: in the entire city of Grodno, including Grodno Azot, not a single camera is connected to Kipod.
Synesis has repeatedly explained on numerous occasions how the Kipod face recognition platform works. We have also noted on several occasions that social media, mobile phone communications and photographs published in the media are used with great success to identify participants in mass actions. However, new informational junk shots are being born again and again, where anonymous sources attribute fantastic opportunities to facial recognition technologies, invent fictional circumstances and spread false arguments.
These fakes can be spread very easily. A post about layoffs initially appeared in a small Telegram channel with 1,500 subscribers and a few days later migrated to another channel with almost 6,000 users. Most often, such a scheme continues to work in an increasing progression: a post with no relation to reality ends up in larger channels, avoiding fact-checking. As a result, false information is repeated through different channels so often that people begin to perceive it as true and never even think to check it.
Unfounded and unconfirmed media publications about the operation of the Kipod system have already led to EU sanctions against our company. What is the purpose of these newly-born junk shots? Are they intended to provide the EU Council with new “factoids” for use in court?

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