Is Kipod being used to identify protesters? Response to New False Statement

In an interview with the largest portal in Belarus, one of the members of the initiative of the former security officials said that he personally used the smart city platform Kipod to identify protesters. As we are developers of this software product, such a statement caused us a major questions. Once again, the company states that it is impossible to use Kipod for these purposes. If Stanislav Luponosov is convinced of the contrary, then we suggest to explain in any acceptable way in detail how Kipod can be used to identify protesters.

The task of the Kipod platform, on the basis of which the Republican Public Safety Monitoring System (RPSMS) operates, is to search for and find pre-identified persons. This practically valuable when it comes to searching for people who have already been identified – people on the national wanted list, missing persons, lost children, etc. It is technically impossible to upload all citizens of the country into the database (for example, a passport database) so that the system could massively identify all citizens caught in the field of view of the cameras. 
If the person is not known to the system, the operator can try to search for an unidentified person by photo. To do this, he has to wait in real time, when the unidentified person appears in the camera zone of the RPSMS system, in order to further quickly send to him law enforcement officers in order to identify or detain him. In this case, the process is more like a special operation – we have not heard of such events (but detailed how the protesters are actually identified). That is why neither we nor the law offices are aware of any protocols or rulings against protesters that mention the RPSMS, much less Kipod. And about how detailed these documents are, we also wrote here.
If Stanislav Luponosov really did use Kipod to identify citizens, please tell us more about it, not only to us, but also to the public. Until then, all accusations against Synesis and Kipod were declarative – no one claimed to have personally used the system to identify protesters. So it would be interesting for us and the public to hear in detail from the original source how this process goes and what the role of Kipod is in it.
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