A new technical operator for RSMOB, as commented by Synesis

On August 17, during a meeting between Alexander Lukashenko and the leaders of the Ministerial Council, a draft decree was considered, providing for a change in approach in the Republican Public Safety Monitoring System (RSMOB). According to BelTA, RUE «Beltelecom» may be selected as the new RSMOB operator. «Synesis» comments on the current situation.
RSMOB’s technical operator is currently «24×7 Panoptes», a subsidiary of «Synesis». In accordance with its contractual obligations (page 35, p. 7.6), the company must become a technical operator within 90 (ninety) days from the date of entry into force of the legislative act on the loss of the status of «24×7 Panoptes» LLC as a Technical Operator. The existing contract does not provide for the possibility of its termination by the Technical Operator unilaterally. «24×7 Panoptes» is applying to the relevant authorities with a request for premature termination of their contractual obligations due to the inability to finance the unprofitable project and the impending plans to change the Technical Operator to RUE «Beltelecom». 
Currently, the RSMOB project is running on the Kipod cloud platform developed by «Synesis». We emphasize that the Kipod system was not created for the Belarussian market alone, but for the development of Smart Cities in different countries of the world. 
Termination of the contractual obligations will increase the financial and economic stability of the company, as we have repeatedly stated that the RSMOB project is unprofitable for «Synesis» and «24×7 Panoptes».