Synesis doesn’t install cameras in schools: we’re comment on a new fake in the Telegram-channel

Today one of the Telegram channels once again mentioned the Synesis product in the context of the installation of CCTV cameras. This time, the Kipod system will allegedly be installed in educational institutions. The statement says that by September 1, turnstiles and video cameras with the Kipod system will be installed in all Minsk schools, which will recognize faces and read emotions.
Synesis officially notes that this information, like many previous fake news about Kipod on Telegram-channels, doesn’t correspond to reality: firstly, neither Synesis nor its subsidiaries are involved in installing and connecting CCTV cameras; secondly, the company has nothing to do with this project and has no information regarding plans to install cameras in schools. Other companies in Belarus are also involved in installing cameras and implementing video surveillance with video analytics functions, so it is inappropriate and reckless to correlate each connection of a video surveillance system with the Kipod system.
We have already commented on fake news about mass identification of citizensconnecting cameras in courtyardsparticipating in a tender of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the purchase and connection of new cameras to RSMOBinstalling hundreds of cameras in the Vitebsk region. This news is another example of how the information agenda in Telegram-channels is being formed regarding the Synesis company and its products, and also clearly demonstrates the reasons why the company was included in the sanctions list of the EU Council.
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