Synesis will appeal the sanctions of the Council of the European Union

MINSK, 18 December 2020 – The Belarusian IT company Synesis Group (“Synesis”), which resides in the Hi-Tech Park Belarus, is announcing its intention to appeal the wrongful inclusion of Synesis in the European Union’s list of sanctioned entities, which was adopted on Dec. 17th by the Council of the European Union (“the Council”).

Synesis believes that there is no legal or rational basis for its inclusion in this list. The reason cited by the Council is deeply flawed and based on an incorrect understanding of Synesis’ facial recognition technology. Synesis firmly rejects the erroneous assumption made by the Council that its technology can be or was ever used by the Belarussian government to identify protestors.
For the avoidance of any doubt, Synesis wishes to make it clear that the company’s facial recognition technology has never been used, and in fact cannot be used, to target participants in anti-government protests in Minsk or Belarusian opposition figures. The platform is designed to track individuals who are pre-uploaded into a database (wanted criminals, missing persons including missing children etc.), but is entirely unable to identify people from recordings. Synesis has never received payments from the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs or any Belarusian law enforcement agency.

Synesis has always been committed to transparency in its operations. The company has offered any and all European or other government to perform an external audit of its services in order to fully corroborate the points above. Despite sharing information and repeatedly extending this invitation to the competent European authorities, Synesis was entirely ignored. Instead, the EU’s decision appears to have been based on speculation in the media and on various social media channels. In doing so, the Council has shown a deeply flawed reasoning and a complete disregard for due process.

Synesis expresses its deepest regrets to the hundreds of employees and their families whose livelihoods have been put at risk by this decision, and wishes to make clear its total commitment to seeing it reversed. The company will do all it can to mitigate the impact of this decision on them and on its international partners.

Synesis intends to appeal the Council’s decision as soon as possible, and is fully confident that European justice will right this wrong in due course.

About Synesis Group
Synesis develops smart city platforms, access control systems, products for events management, instant messengers and online games. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, chatbots, storage and processing of big data, cybersecurity are the competencies of Synesis.
100 million people use the products of the group of companies every day.
Synesis employs 400+ people. Founded in Minsk in 2007.