Synesis connects hundreds of cameras to Kipod Smart City in the Vitebsk region? Refutation

Many popular Telegram channels distributing new fake news about Synesis, claiming that the Vitebsk office of the Department of Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs buys the company’s software with a facial recognition system.
The fake information throw says: “A tender for the purchase of “Video recording systems based on a software package for providing smart video surveillance” has appeared on the public procurement website. It says they are purchasing 146 software packages, which later will be connected to the surveillance cameras. They are ready to spend 52,945 BYN for this“.
We affirm that Synesis and its subsidiaries are not affiliated with these purchases and we have no plans for participation in this tender. Therefore this is just another attempt of Telegram channels in searching the reasons to blame Synesis with fake news.
Such attempts have taken place quite many times before, and the reasons were preposterous. So much that we published our fake news “top list.” Why tried to find the answers to this phenomenon in this text. Also, company co-founder Alexander Shatrov has mentioned it in his recent interview:

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