Looming Games. Backstage of the 2nd European Games. Part 2 debuted

How do we usually see major sports events? For the host-city this is a thousands of guests, for athletes – a new challenge and records, for the organizers – millions of large and small tasks. At the 2nd European Games there was another element in this puzzle – software developers, who created the IT infrastructure of the event. And that is Synesis Sport team.
In LOOMing games. Backstage of the 2nd European games. Part 1 we showed the event from the backstage as it was seen by the eyes of game’s managers and organizers. Now you are able to see the backstage of the backstage: the development process of core systems both for the organizers and spectators.

Subtitles in English is available

A year and a half, a team of 150 people worked on “The Games” project. Without the LOOM system, preparation of the event would stretch for many, many years. In the second part of the LOOMing Games film, we talk about the technical side of the games, IT solutions, the development team and the tasks they managed to complete during the project. Want to see the backstage of the backstage? Then the video is right for you.
The Minsk-based IT company Synesis Sport signed the contract with the Minsk European Games Organising Committee (MEGOC) in May 2018. Skipping years worth of preparations that an event of such a scale usually requires, the company’s developers managed to create various service systems for spectators, athletes, organisers, volunteers and media – all in slightly over a year.

“We decided to collaborate with the company Synesis only a year ahead of the event and were almost completely dependent on the level of the system they would provide,” said Sergey Yevets, head of technology at MEGOC, after the Game. “We believed that this system could be designed, developed and launched in our country, with the efforts of our people, and it is my personal opinion that we made the right bet.