Post-truth in Belarusian media: how does it work?

Different media resources present their information to their audience in their own way. One of the favourite post-truth subjects in Belarusian media is the Kipod Smart City platform. Having endowed it with all conceivable and inconceivable features and abilities, some media resources continue to methodically mislead their readers and the Council of the European Union.
A shining example of this misleading is which wrote that “thousands of cameras are now installed across the whole country that are working on the Kipod cloud platform”. For the mass reader it sounds very convincing since they expect that a responsible media resource would not deliberately publish false and unverified information as a matter of fact. But, talking about the facts, the Kipod system has fewer than 1000 cameras in operation, which is certainly less than “several thousands” mentioned above. We stated this repeatedly and publically, in our press-releases, interviews, etc. And we are ready to confirm this to any audit.
We would expect that professional publicists should use the basic principles of fact-checking and avoid publishing unverified information under the pretence of a fact. How could you be sure that such false information was ever published just against Synesis? How can the audience tell a sure fact from a blunt speculation?
What is the purpose of these false facts? One can only guess. Perhaps, such articles provide a heightened response from the audience as they don’t have to lock the comments, unlike the cryptomarket exchange materials which “ensure their safety from European sanctions by overwriting shares”, as they say these days, by the British readers who have a soft spot for Or, perhaps, there are some other motives at play.
Once again, we emphasize that the Kipod capabilities and the connectivity scale do not in any way match the ones that are persistently attributed to the Kipod system by certain media resources. And these are precisely the post-truth techniques and methods that brought Synesis into the EU sanctions list.
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