Synesis сo-founder on sanctions, litigation with the EU and the IT market in Belarus

In December, the Synesis became an occasion for discussion on many online media and Telegram channels. The company was included in the EU sanctions list due to a rather serious accusation: the use of the Kipod smart city platform for mass identification of protesters. Why can’t the system be used for the stated purposes, how are the protesters actually searched, and how has the rhetoric of the accusations changed? Co-founder of the company Alexander Shatrov answers these and many other questions.
  • What is Kipod and what features does the platform have?
  • How is the search and identification of protesters actually carried out?
  • What do the evidence from the Council of the EU have in common with War and Peace?
  • What predictions do lawyers make regarding the company’s claim to the European Court?
  • What are the prospects for the IT sector in Belarus?
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