Synesis is a private research and development firm, headquartered in Minsk, Belarus. With a team of 200+ engineering ninjas, we provide technology expertise, project management and funding for some of the world's greatest startups in IT.
Our Customers
Takeoff Consulting has created R&D centers
for world's known industry leaders.
Takeoff R&D Center
Our home is a 4‚ÄČ400 square meter facility with the coolest space design, boutique hotel, fine restaurant and hearth pavilion.
Interested in a Collaboration?
Consider several forms of partnerships:
R&D Outstaffing
We know how to engage the smartest developers in order to minimize the budget and the time to market.
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Joint Ventures
We have been through good and bad experiences in JV collaborations with parties around the world. Each party brings industry expertise and/or project funding.
Technology Licensing
Our technology expertise include AI, Image/Video Processing, Big Data, Large-Scale Services, Mobile and Social Games.
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Our Contacts
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Synesis LLC
Republic of Belarus, 220005
Minsk, ul. Platonova, 20-B (map)

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