Our Products
Synesis operates large scale services for governments and global consumers using state-of-the-art AI, Cloud, and Big Data technologies
Kipod is a carrier-grade solution for Smart Cities, Public Security, and Government Intelligence. Kipod enables instant search across the big data of CCTV video and real-time crime detection, using the most advanced machine learning algorithms and video content analytics. Kipod is a collaboration environment for unlimited users from different organizations, analyzing unlimited amounts of data.
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Еvent Management System
EMS is scalable a 15-module platform for large-scale events automatization (accreditation, transportation, accommodation, medicine, competitions schedule, ticket distribution, etc.). The Olympic-standard platform will be implemented at the 2nd European Games in Minsk.

Whether your goal is to bring up a rock concert or Olympic games: EMS is made to automatize thousands of protocol processes within a single software platform. Events Management System is the invisible side of all ambitious events with an audience of millions.
dBrain Platform
Open-source сloud infrastructure with advanced security measures. It allows to create a private closed-loop cloud for government customers, global corporations and local enterprises. The platform includes solutions for container virtualization (Docker), orchestration (Kubernetes), distributed storage (Ceph) and many other services necessary for the operation of cloud applications.
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Instant messaging platform, aimed for corporate and team use. The communication channel offers team members the possibility to work in one common chat-space and share the information and tasks regardless of time & place.
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A crowdsourcing platform for Data Mining and Deep Learning. The platform was developed for training and testing in-house neural networks and AI-based systems, as well as to improve the performance of our video analytics algorithms.
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Transit cargo tracking with a digital tag and GPS function. Made for cargo tracking and security control, as well as for speeding up the Сustoms procedures at state borders and implementing digital transport corridors within the Eurasian Economic Union.

The implementation of the system also aimed to avoid cargo inspections during road/rail transportation as well as substitute the Сustoms surveillance of certain freight categories for remote monitoring.
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Platform for creating omnichannel chatbots for instant messengers, social networks and the Web. The MetaMessenger platform can be implemented as e-commerce or interactive marketing solution for web and mobile applications (Telegram, Viber, Facebook, websites, etc).

The MetaMessenger platform is implemented in fox Lesik, a virtual assistant for the guests of the II European Games 2019 in Minsk.
Animal Farm
Restaurant with intelligent chatbot and face recognition system. The restaurant's chatbot made to serve the guests for online ordering, tables and events booking, quick payment, sharing promotions and news. Facial recognition technology allows waiters and chatbot to personalize the service for the customer.
24x7 Panoptes, LLC is a subsidiary of Synesis, a full cycle operator for intelligent video surveillance, providing turn-key services to end-users at the nationwide or local scales.
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Developed in Synesis R&D center
World-famous instant messenger with 1+ billiard users
Playtika's online games including Slotomania social casino with 20+ millions of active players
Portrait search tool for one of the world's popular search engines
Document management software with 11+ millions of users worldwide
We are always willing to assist ambitious startups with our expertise and ready-to-use solutions.
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Messaging App
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