Kipod and new fakes from popular Telegram channels

Another absurd fake news about the company and its video analytics system was posted by a Telegram channel (whose name we cannot mention). It is alleged that Synesis’ daughter company, 24×7 Panoptes LLC, connected a huge number of street surveillance cameras to the Republican Public Security Monitoring System (RPSMS), including 7 locations in Slutsk, Zhodino, and Borisov. Particular emphasis is being made on the fact that this data is allegedly obtained from sources within the company.
Synesis officially declares that neither it, nor its daughter companies, nor its employees know anything about the connection of cameras to their systems at the specified locations, and the information itself is another figment of the rich imagination of the channel’s authors and its “reliable” sources. Along with the “reliable sources” whose information regarding Synesis is never confirmed. Facts and evidence should have been given, but for obvious reasons there are none in this latest fake. All this clearly demonstrates the low level of awareness of channel administrators or purposeful falsification of facts (which these channels declare to fight, but are just as actively engaged in it themselves).
This is interesting: another Telegram channel, recently distributed an “expert” article in which, referring to the same “reliable sources inside the company”, it talks about ways to “deceive” Kipod. We can only speculate: the purpose of this article is to prank people who will artificially change their gaits, limp and “change body contours”. We emphasize: the instructions described by “experts” and “sources” are inapplicable to Kipod and once again demonstrate an extremely low level of competence of the authors, which is limited by watching Hollywood movies and/or video games. Similarly, about the fake mass connection of yard cameras to the Kipod, which, as you know, has not yet been confirmed. And other info-blasts aimed against Synesis.
The sanctions against Synesis were adopted by the EU Council on the basis of exactly this kind of fake news. We assume that screenshots of “fresh” fakes will appear in the Council’s defense at EU Court of Justice meetings to argue previous factoids. And we hope that, unlike the Council of the European Union, the Court of Justice is held to a stricter standard in its activities.
In the meantime, we’ve compiled our top 9 most absurd fakes around Synesis and its products to demonstrate how absurd the news you read in even the biggest and most “reputable” Telegram channels can be:

Statement:1.Kipod is used by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for mass identification of protesters. Why it is fake?The mass identification of protesters is made possible by mobile communications, social networks, and photos in the press. Kipod is built on a completely different logic and designed to search for pre-identified people – people on the wanted list, missing persons, etc. Fake is based on technological phobias of citizens and mundane logic.
Statement:2.Synesis management flew to Turkey before elections.
Why it is fake?Before, during, and after the election, the “Synesis” management was in Minsk. The fake was based on photos from the personal social networks of employees who were on a week-long mountain hike in Turkey at the end of September.
Statement:3.To “deceive” Kipod you have to use masks, limp, “change your gait and body contours “, hide your tattoos and scars.
Why it is fake?No comment. The fake is based on an extremely low level of awareness on the part of the authors.
Statement:4.Now Synesis is massively installing cameras in yards and connecting them to Kipod.
Why it is fake?“Synesis” does not install cameras and has no information about connecting yard cameras to its systems. The fake is based on the authors’ low level of awareness or purposeful falsification of facts.
Statement:5.Tens/hundreds of thousands of cameras across the country are already connected to Kipod.
Why it is fake?About 700 cameras are connected to Kipod in Minsk, and no more than 800 across the country. 500 of them are in the Minsk metro. This information has never been confidential. For comparison, this is the scale of a video analytics project for a large enterprise in the EU. Fake is based on a low level of awareness of the authors or purposeful falsification of facts.
Statement:6.Kipod was developed by “Synesis” together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Why it is fake?The system was developed independently by the company at its own expense for use in the U.S., EU and Russian markets long before the launch of the Republic Safety Monitoring project. The fake is based on an extremely low level of awareness of the authors or purposeful falsification of facts.
Statement:7.The company prohibits the use of the Belarusian language.
Why it is fake?The employees do not and have never had any restrictions on the use of the Belarusian language in situations where it is understood by all participants in the dialogue, including in face-to-face communication. The fake is based on a statement by Synesis co-founder Alexander Shatrov in an interview, taken out of context.
Statement:8.The father of Synesis co-founder Alexander Shatrov serves in the KGB and helps his son promote his projects.
Why it is fake?Shatrov’s father passed away when he was 16 years old. The fake is based on the authors’ low level of awareness.
Statement:9.Synesis benefits from cooperation with the Interior Ministry and other government agencies.
Why it is fake?For all the time of its existence, the company “Synesis” has implemented one project, which can be referred to the projects with state financing – the management system of the European Games. All other projects are financed by the company or customers, among which there are no state bodies of the Republic of Belarus.
Statement:10.Waiting Why it is fake?Waiting