Synesis installs cameras in residential complexes? Refutation

Another piece of fake news has hit social networks this week, claiming that many Belarusian organizations and residential complexes receiving instructions for mass installing of CCTV cameras for further connection to the Republican Public Security Monitoring System (RPSMS or “RSMOB”), which based on the Synesis’ Kipod Smart City platform. This information doesn’t correspond to reality and shows the complete incompetence of its authors (or purposeful slander).

Firstly, Synesis doesn’t deal with the purchase, install or connection of CCTV cameras. Secondly, the company isn’t aware of anyone’s plans for mass CCTV integration with “RSMOB” and has never seen a technical assignment for this. This is just one of a dozen fakes that were born in the bowels of anonymous Telegram channels over the past six months. For example, in December it was already reported that, allegedly, equipment for the “Videocontrol” service from Beltelecom is also connected to Kipod. Of course, none of these fakes have yet been found and wouldn’t ever find confirmation, since they are completely built on slander or incompetence.
In all information “bullying” concerningg Synesis, the one common statement is that the Kipod is used to identify citizens expressing their civic position. At the same time, there is still not a single evidence of this (unlike other confirmed methods of identification – through social networks, cell phones location, photos from media, etc.). The decision to include Synesis in the sanctions list of the EU Council was made exclusively on the basis of such speculations. We are sure that the fake publications were made to create a negative image of the company and form a pseudo-evidence base specifically for that reason. We promise to share new details about EU Council’s decision and the so-called “evidences” it operated while making this controversial decision soon.